16 November 2011

Welcome To My Kitschen

Today I had a few errands to run before choir practice, including purchasing some photo frames for those senior/graduation pictures I mentioned last night.  What I learned today is that "serendipity" is walking into Hobby Lobby for frames and discovering that they are all 50% off, whereas "stupidity" is going to Hobby Lobby for frames and leaving the pictures to be framed at home, making it much more difficult to find good frame matches for them.  Par for the course, really.  Still, they were on sale, so I can't really complain about anything beyond my inability to accurately post this information on my Facebook status.  Instead of "photos" I typed "pho."  Next thing I knew people were asking me if I had framed Vietnamese soup.  Also par for the course.

While I was wandering around the store, I saw several kitschy signs in the home decor section next to the frames.  Most of them aren't my taste, but some were cool.  What intrigued me were all the signs labeled with the names of specific rooms, like "Powder Room" or "Laundry" or "Kitchen."  Now I could see signs labeled with something like "Welcome to my Kitchen," but why just "Kitchen?"  Are these for people who can't remember which room they are in?  If that's the case, wouldn't it be more useful to put colored lines on the floor like in a hospital and post "You Are Here" signs around the house?  And what about the "Powder Room" sign?  I know what a powder room is, though labeling it so makes it sound like the room where you keep all your gunpowder.  I don't want to know about any of your explosive bathroom habits, thank you very much.  I don't think that residences should have their bathrooms labeled like they are in restaurants.  In a restaurant, people actually do need directions to keep them from accidentally visiting bathrooms designed for the opposite gender (not that I would know anything about that, nope), whereas at a house there is presumably someone available to point out the unisex facilities to you if you are incapable of the advanced reasoning required to open doors till you find a toilet.  If you do have to label your bathroom for your guests, why even put "powder room" or "salle de bain" or "loo?"  Why not just slap a sign on the door that reads "Deposit Human Waste Here?"  At least that would be more straitforward.  I'm just sayin'.

After trolling through Hobby Lobby for an hour, I did manage to complete half the errands on my list and have since made it home with all my discounted frames (minus the Vietnamese soup) intact and nary a kitschy sign in sight.  For now.

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