26 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Blogger Fail

It occurred to me in the shower this morning (I do all my best thinking there--don't judge me) that my last two posts had that little line between them when they were made on the same day, and I got all upset because I actually finished my "Liebster Clause" post yesterday morning and posted it.  But for whatever reason, it was also dated the 24th, same as my Thanksgiving post.

I'm kinda pissed.  I did write most of it Thanksgiving night, but I had to check a couple of the blog links involved so waited to finish it on Friday. When I put it up yesterday morning, I figured I was off the hook for the day and so I didn't post anything else.  Now my lovely little NaBloPoMo record has been shot all to hell.  I make it 24 whole freakin' days, even through SURGERY, for @#$!! sake, and now I'm gonna blow it all on a technicality???

Crap, crap, crappity crap!!  I. am. not. happy.

On the one hand, the likelihood that I was ever gonna win one of the prizes for posting each and every day was already infinitesimally slim.  On the other hand, I accepted the challenge, and dammit, I wanted to finish it!!!  And I will, but that little break between November 24 and November 26 in the archive is going to bug the crap out of the OCD in me.

So, BlogHer Goddesses, please take note.  I double posted on the 24th only as a fluke because Blogger has issues.  I actually submitted my post on the 25th.  Now look the other way and give me my damn prize.

Here's even proof--posted yesterday, as in the 25th, at 9:45 am--I always "share" on FB immediately after posting.
Stupid Blogger.

Update:  Because my daughter is freakin' awesome, she showed me how to change the time and date stamp on an individual post so that yesterday's entry would be correctly posted.  Yay, Girlie!!!  Of course, now this means that the whining above is irrelevant, but oh well.

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