21 November 2011

Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver

The other day when I was shopping for picture frames, I ran across this little gem:

Duck!  I have gold tape!!
I've never understood why people originally started calling this "duck" tape...do they think that there are several Mallards in need of repair flying around?  Even so, I can deal with the many new colors and prints that Duck/Duct Tape has created.  Heck, I've even purchased a few of them.  They are more festive and happy and generally better suited for my purposes than the traditional "Industrial Pipe Repair Silver."  But this?  This is just plain wrong.  I don't want my duct tape pimped out like some rapper's bling.  Heck, if I popped off the label and strung this on a big fat gold chain, I could hang it around the neck of L'il Wayne and no one would probably ever know notice anything out of place. Duct tape should never be gold.  Silence is golden--Duct tape is silver.  I'm just sayin'.

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