07 November 2011

Ode to the Peaky Posse

I have a group of dear friends online, affectionately nicknamed "the Posse" because they are so supportive that they are willing to drop everything on virtually a moment's notice to band together and rush all over the country to the aid of whichever other member requires assistance.  "Assistance" can come in many forms, from shoveling hot soup down your throat to beating the crap out of husbands/significant others/bosses/teachers/anyone-else-who-has-it-coming to bolstering flagging egos to providing much-needed chocolate and/or tequila (though those last two are pretty much the same thing) to re-inflating hopes to shipping mini-roosters across the country* to making you feel so loved and protected and supported that you can't possibly imagine how you ever managed to take a step without them.  In short, they are extraordinary, and I love them all.

Currently, however, the ickus/crud/flu/insert-colorful-germ-metaphor-here is running rampant through my poor posse, and everyone is feeling less than stellar.  One lovely lady is even recovering from a rather virulent pneumonia which kept her in the hospital on both her birthday and her baby's 1st birthday.  Mercifully, she is home now and resting (I hope).

So.  All you beautiful, amazing, loving and spectacularly awesome women of the Posse, this little ditty is for you:

All the Sickie Ladies

All the sickie ladies (all the sickie ladies),
All the sickie ladies (all the sickie ladies), 
All the sickie ladies (all the sickie ladies),  
All the sickie ladies...

Now put your feet up!
Up here at home, and my temp's up.
I'm in my pjs and I'm coughing.
Got snot I want to spit, just had a shiv'rin' fit,
'Cuz the flu has got a-hold of me.

My brain is fuzzed, my body aches
And kids demand my attention.
Tryin' not to barf, Nyquil I will scarf,
Oh, please, just let me be.

If you disliked it then you should have put some drugs on it.
If you liked it then you're really just delirious.
Just get mad and open cans of Whup Ass on it.
With all this phlegm I don't know why I'm singin' 'bout it...

Woah oh ohh oh oh ohh *cough* oh ohh oh oh oh

"If you disliked it then you should have opened Whup Ass on it..."

Feel better soon, Lovely Ladies!!

*Courtesy of one our fabulous females, we now have our own traveling Beyoncé (which seems doubly appropriate here), as inspired by the Bloggess:  And that's why you should learn to pick your battles

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