20 November 2011

I Heart Guts

Well, the verdict is in--"Survey says...APPENDIX!!"  Yesterday I went to the minor med around 1 pm, was promptly sent to the ER for a scan, and before the night was over, I was one appendix lighter.  I'll blog about it in more detail tomorrow, when I am slightly less high on legal narcotics.  In the meantime, here are some random pictures for you to enjoy.

This is in honor of one of my friends, who earlier made me laugh so hard it hurt when
she said that without my appendix, I'd have to "make do with only footnotes from now on."

I know Cafe Press is awesome, but can you believe there's even a shirt for this??

 I heart Guts.  Don't you?
Everyone needs a plushie appendix.


  1. Fair enough. It just looks like a worm anyway.

  2. glad you're healing up and enjoying your prescription meds. the appendix does indeed look like a worm, that's why they call it a veriform. poor useless vestigial lil guy.

  3. Thanks! Also, I love anyone who knows and correctly uses the term "vestigial." Ironically, just yesterday my Schwan's guy was telling me he'd read somewhere that the appendix was originally the repository for things like bone that the stomach couldn't handle, back in the days when we were gnawing on Wooly Mammoth haunches, presumably, and that it's possible we originally had 2 stomachs, not unlike a cow. I'm not sure I buy that last bit, though he did say his uncle had an appendectomy a few years ago, during which they found not one but TWO appendices. Very weird. "I'll take vestigial with a side of defunct for $1000, Alex..."

  4. Wow, TWo appendixes? That's double the uselessness. I love it. I should have said vermiform, not veriform. Yeah, new research has shown the appendix was like a little pocket for intestinal flora ("flowers? for me?" says the intestine) so if the aforementioned wolly mammoth got a little nasty and made your bowels, um, evacuate, your appendix could restore all the microbial goodies.