22 November 2011

Friendship, Food, and Fabulosity

I have some of the best friends.  When I was scared and alone in the emergency room for hours, my "posse" of fabulous and amazing women kept me company all through the day--they made me laugh, they made me cry, they held my cyber hand and they made me feel safe and protected, just as they always do.  I am eternally grateful to this spectacular group of women for more reasons than I can count.

In fact, one member of this posse took it upon herself to provide me with dinner last night, knowing full well I had already made myself three meals (albeit simple ones) since coming home from the hospital because the hubs hadn't always remembered to do so and I wouldn't ask.  She knows me entirely too well.  She went online and placed a dinner order for us that was supposed to be delivered to my home.  Unfortunately, we were outside the delivery area, but my friend wouldn't give up.  She found another restaurant and, after some consultation with me as to food preferences, placed a new order, paid for it, and we got the hubs to go pick it up.  There was even a little leftover for my lunch today.

This afternoon, my girlie made it home from college for break.  We spent a nice afternoon together, after which she took over meal duties and made us all tacos, which she then assembled for me and served me on the couch so I didn't have to get up.  She's pretty fabulous herself, that girl.

Just after we finished dinner, my choir director from church came by to drop off a breakfast casserole for us to pop into the oven tomorrow.  It's full of lovely hash browns and cheese.  Mmmmm...cheese...

While I haven't particularly enjoyed being laid up, during the process I have been reminded of how very blessed I am to have so  many dear, dear friends surrounding me, all of whom have always been ready at a moment's notice to support me unstintingly and unselfishly in any way I need, and with more love than I can ever possibly thank them for showing me.

So thank you all, dear friends and family--thank you for calling me, for checking daily on my progress, for your best wishes, for your prayers, for feeding me, for making me smile, and for helping to heal me with your laughter and your support.  Both are far more potent than any medicine the hospital could ever have given me, and I am deeply grateful for (and to) you all.

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