16 December 2011

Wizards in Winter - TSO

Another one of my many favorite holiday songs is "Wizards in Winter" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, first introduced on their 2004 album Lost Christmas Eve.  I find it virtually impossible not to bounce around in my seat every single time I hear it.  It's a very jam-worthy tune.

In 2004, a guy named Carson Williams set up a light show in his front yard, synchronized to the music of Wizards in Winter.  An electrical engineering wizard himself, Williams took over two months and 16,000 lights to make the display.  A video of the original display was put on YouTube, as well as a later, more polished video, which has been circulating consistently since then.  In 2005, Williams amped up the voltage by adding more lights, bringing the total to 25,000.  The display proved so popular that it was featured in a Miller Lite commercial; it's popularity also resulted in a traffic accident in Williams' neighborhood as a result of the increased traffic congestion around his home, after which Williams disabled the display.

The video is cool, though--it's pretty entertaining to watch the lights winking on and off in time to the music, though I'm convinced the two lighted wreaths on the upstairs windows are staring at me.  Seriously.  They are.

I couldn't load the exact video I wanted, which is essentially a closeup of this one and in color, but you can find that video here if you're interested.

Sources:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wizards_in_Winter

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