18 December 2011

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

Until last year, when the choir director at the church I was visiting for Advent coerced me into performing it with her and the accompanist, I'd never before heard the carol "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree."  Originally a poem, the words were first set to music in the 18th centuyr.  If you listen only to the deceptively simple melody, the song seems pretty basic, but the tightly interwoven harmonies take it to a different level.  Once I got past my apprehension at having to sing an unfamiliar song with only a couple of days' notice, the music started to grow on me, and I ended up enjoying it when all was said and done.

This morning I once again performed this carol with the same director and another lady of the choir who was kind enough to sub for our voiceless (though still amazingly talented) pianist.

There's actually an earlier version from the King's College Singers that I prefer, but as usual YouTube is being particular about what it offers me.  You can find that other version here.

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_Christ_the_Apple_Tree

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