25 December 2011

Joy to the World - Mannheim Steamroller

Today has been a lovely Christmas.  I got up early, successfully sang Gesú Bambino for a solo at church before watching my daughter play her flute in a trio with two bell ringers, then came home and made a brunch of strawberry muffins and scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.  We cranked up the Christmas music for the day, then my family then opened gifts and goofed off for a while, after which I made the big meal which I couldn't make for Thanksgiving.  We stuffed our faces, cleaned up, and then watched a little television while waiting for the Doctor Who Christmas Special.  When the show was over, we played one of our new games--the Big Bang Theory Fact or Fiction board game.  Not that we're nerds, or anything.  With just the three of us here it's been a pretty quiet day, but the peace and relative calm has been nice, particularly after a year full of mishap and broken Gingerness.

As I sit here enjoying my pieces of both chocolate and banana cream pie, I am once again watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special and thinking of how, even in the quiet and calm, this has been a joyful day:  joyful sharing time with friends, joyful sharing music this morning, joyful sharing food and love with friends, joyful just sharing time with each other, and joyful for the true meaning of this day.  I hope yours has been equally as joyful.  I can think of no better way to celebrate the spirit of the day than with a little "Joy to the World" from Mannheim Steamroller.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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