13 December 2011

Santa Baby

Okay, I know I'll probably catch flak for this one, but today's video is "Santa Baby."  I realize it isn't necessarily high-brow music, but it still makes me smile.  I like the original version by Eartha Kitt, but Madonna's version is actually my favorite (and I'm not even particularly fond of Madonna).  You gotta give the woman credit--she does an awesome Betty Boop voice.

I also really like that she performed it for the album A Very Special Christmas, the proceeds of which were donated to the Special Olympics.  The album went quadruple platinum in 1988, and ultimately garnered millions of dollars for the Special Olympics.  That's pretty awesome, even if she is a little bit scary otherwise.

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Very_Special_Christmas_%28album%29


  1. That's a great version! She does it well. I like the video clips from her past songs. Too cool!

    Stopping by from NaBloPoMo.

  2. I'm totally gonna give you flack. The boop-doo-be-doop thing drives me to drink.

    Santa could, however, slip me a five hundred dollar bill under the tree, and I'd be good with that.

  3. You and me both, Super Baby. Santa is also welcome to fund my medical bills this year, should he so desire.