19 December 2011

"Alviiiiiiiiiin! Stop Being Grinchy!"

There are only five days left till Christmas, and I haven't gotten bupkis done.  Okay, I've just about finished my Christmas letter and cards, but still.  My daughter gets here in 3 days (YAY!) and I still have to clean house, wrap presents, and run a few errands.  Normally I would be a lot more stressed, but after having to give up control over things at Thanksgiving because of my surgery, I'm a little more circumspect about things.  Still, I figured it's about the time of December when everyone who is still stressed could use a little levity.  So tonight I thought I'd offer a little Alvin and the Chipmunks.   You know you love this song.  Admit it.  Who doesn't want to listen to some guy with so much time on his hands that he decides to record his voice multiple times at different speeds to mimic some humanized rodents?  That's comedy gold right there.  Also, interesting bit of trivia--the guy who did the Chipmunks also is the comedic genius behind the Witch Doctor song.

I also figured since it's fun video night, I'd do a two-fer.  Here's another holiday classic, which I love expressly for the pleasure of listening to the incredibly scary-deep bass voice.  Sunday night I got to hear this same song performed by my Straight No Chaser boys, who have a couple of pretty spectacular basses of their own.  But here's the original "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."

And here's another interesting bit of random trivia for those of you old enough to remember the original Fame movie from the '80s and subsequent TV series:  the guy who played the music teacher, Mr. Shorofsky?  He wrote the music for this song and indeed the entire show.  Well done, Albert Hague, well done.

Just for kicks, here's a video of my guys doing Mr. Grinch.  Enjoy!

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