11 December 2011

Sweet Little Jesus Boy - Straight No Chaser

Yesterday I went to the doctor and discovered I have an infected toe, so now I am hopped up on antibiotics and painkillers.  This year Ginger = Hot Mess.  It needs to be 2012 immediately.  But more on all that tomorrow (or whenever I am next coherent).  In the meantime, I need to get up today's video before I pass out again and miss the daily deadline in an hour and a half.  If I could manage to keep blogging through November's NaBloPoMo around an appendectomy, then I'm hardly gonna let a stupid toe blow my record for December.

Anyway...back to business.  As I told you last week, I have a major fangirl crush on the a capella group Straight No Chaser.  This was not helped Friday when they announced that they would be hosting a cruise next October.  For reals.  All 10 guys trapped on a boat with me, giving what amounts to free concerts (at least for the Chasers) and doing karaoke and playing trivia with me?  Yes, please. After squealing like a little girl I told my husband about it.  He grudgingly offered to maybe take me next year as an anniversary present (our 25th anniversary is at the end of this month).  Tempting as the offer was, something tells me that stalking 10 guys with a husband in tow would be something of a buzz kill.  Also, I imagine he would expect me to be romantic with him instead of drooling over 10 guys who can sing beautiful love songs to me.  Killjoy.

Since I can't go on the cruise (not really a cruise person anyway--I'd rather go to Europe as a general rule) and stalk random singers, I'll have to content myself with sharing another one of the guys' songs.  Tonight's selection is "Sweet Little Jesus Boy," a song penned in 1934 in the spiritual style.  Did I mention I love spirituals, too?  So what could possibly be better than one of my favorite groups performing a favorite spiritual?  (Besides stalking said group on a cruise ship, I mean...)  I've heard many arrangements of this song, but this one has to be my favorite.  The harmonies are exquisite.  Unfortunately, however, I haven't been able to find a video of the guys singing this song, but they do have it on their webpage in audio form; the link for that page is below.  Enjoy.

Click here to listen to my fangirl crush sing Sweet Little Jesus Boy.

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