01 December 2011

Christmas Time is Here

Because I have quite possibly lost my mind, I signed up once again to blog every day in December, in spite of the fact that I was looking forward to having a break.  Seems the practice has gotten under my skin after all--21 days to change a habit and all.  But this time I have a plan.  I have been inspired by a friend of mine who has been posting a music video for every day of Advent.  I figured that since this month's theme at BlogHer is "Gift," in addition to whatever else I post, I'd gift you all with one of my favorite holiday songs each day. 

Today's entry is "Christmas Time is Here" from a Charlie Brown Christmas. 

Vince Guaraldi is freaking awesome.  'Nuff said.  Welcome to December.


  1. I second that. Who doesn't love Charlie Brown's Christmas?!

  2. Yup! For many years the "soundtrack" to Charlie Brown's Christmas was the only Christmas music we owned...

  3. Guaraldi is freakin' awesome. I LOVE his music. It just wouldn't be Christmas without Charlie Brown and his sad little tree. It bugs me when stores and radio stations play non-Christmas songs like "My Favorite Things" all month long, but as far as I'm concerned "Linus and Lucy" will always get a free pass.