21 December 2011

Gesu Bambino

I love Christmas music.   But then I suppose that's probably a little obvious by now, what with the daily music offerings for December.  However, I don't just love listening to Christmas music; I also love singing it.  One of my favorite songs to sing this time of year is Gesu Bambino--in fact, I will be singing it in my church Christmas morning (or maybe Christmas Eve).  Originally an Italian carol written by Pietro Yon in 1917, it was later translated into English.  In honor of that provenance, I'll offer a video in both languages.  The first features the amazing Carla Maffioletti singing Gesu Bambino in Italian.

Next, the fabulous Jessye Norman sings it in English:

Beautiful, no?  And, lucky for me, no one (to my knowledge, anyway) will be playing these YouTube videos before I have to sing the solo.  While I know I'll never compare to these dynamic divas, I can at least hope that my own rendition would not embarrass them.  Wish me luck!

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ges%C3%B9_bambino

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