14 January 2012

Pizza and Partings

Today was a fairly quiet day at the old homestead as we continue to wind down towards Monday's flight.  Mostly I have bagged all the cleaning that still needs to be done; I figure it will still be here after the girlie goes back to school, and I'd much rather spend my time hanging out with her.

As a result, we didn't do too much beyond sitting beside a fire this evening while she caught up on episodes of Doctor Who and continued to work her way through Season 1 of Friends, courtesy of Netflix.  It's more television than we probably need to be watching, but since she doesn't really watch any during the semester, I figure it balances out.  I even made a homemade pizza for the occasion.

Tomorrow is church, after which will begin the last day flurry of activity--doing laundry, packing, and all those other last-minute preparations that inevitably come up before a big trip.  Somehow, in the blink of an eye, that almost-month of break will be gone and I'll be driving her back to the airport once again bright and early on Monday morning.  I'll drop her off and wait till she goes through security, since we can no longer wait with people at the gate.  Afterwards, I'll go and pick up the pottery we painted on Thursday, which she will have to wait till Spring Break to see because it won't be ready till after her flight.  Then I will come home, feel sorry for myself for a while, and get back to daily life without her.  I will clean house, I will find a doctor whose staff is not incompetent, and I will set aside whatever things she forgets so that I can send them to her next week.

Saying goodbye is bittersweet.  And while it gets a little easier each time, I'm never going to get entirely used to it.

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