02 January 2012

Forever Lazy

Tonight I saw the most appalling ad for a new product called Forever Lazy.  Basically the product is an adult-sized one-piece zippered sweatsuit with hood and special flaps designed to make calls of nature more accessible without removing the entire outfit.

Now I'm not necessarily opposed to throwbacks to old-style long underwear or even to comfy clothes.  Heck, I'd wear my pajamas all day every day if I could.  What disturbs me about this commercial is the outright call to laziness.  Have we Americans stooped so low that we will now only purchase things if it means we can be even bigger couch potatoes than we already are?  Gone are the days of exhortations to industriousness or hard work; we've even surpassed calls for comfort.  With this product we can now be forever lazy!  And, because we are mindless sheep lulled in by the offer of something free, "here, have a couple of free matching socks so that your transformation to an overgrown 8 year old in footie pajamas is complete!"  Not that I have anything against footie pajamas for adults either--I'm sure they're very useful in cold climates, and I've already said I'm all for round-the-clock pajamas.  The difference is that while I might like to wear my PJs all day long, I don't actually do it.  But if I wanted to, I could now run around my office looking like an overgrown infant in my baggy fleece sack of "Asleep on the Job Gray."

I bet he gets a lot of action in that thing.
 I weep for America.

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  1. Hrum... so admitting I wear yoga pants all day, every day unless I have to go to client site is a bad thing... right?