29 May 2014

Georgia vs. Philly

About six weeks ago, I was sightseeing in Philadelphia while the Spousal Unit interviewed for a university job, and enjoying every minute of it.  Just a week or so later, the Unit was extended a job offer and we had to decide whether or not to take it.  So I did what I usually do in these situations...I made a list.

Reasons to Stay in Georgia:

10.  I haven't had a real Georgia peach yet.
  9.  Chris Christie.
  8.  Historical hoop/bell skirts = Personal cone of air conditioning.
  7.  O'Charley's.
  6.  Publix.
  5.  I can continue wearing flip-flops for 11½ months of the year.
  4.  Big houses and cheap property taxes.
  3.  So I won't have to leave fantastic friends.
  2.  I like the subversiveness of being an Indianian Yankee in General
        Sherman's court.
  1.  So I can keep singing "Love Shack" every time I head downtown
       on the Atlanta Highway.

Reasons to Leave Georgia for the Northeast:

10.  I've never had a real Georgia peach, so I won't miss them.
  9.  More religious/idealogical tolerance, like local politicians not referring
        to women as cows/breeding stock.
  8.  Historical Liberty Bell = Personal cone of liberty.
  7.  Wawa.
  6.  Wegman's.
  5.  They have all four traditional seasons (none of which are the pre-summer,
        summer/hell, post-summer, and slightly more chilly summer of Georgia).
  4.  Two hours from NYC, two hours from DC, 1 hour from the ocean, and
       more schools and museums and arts communities than I can count.
  3.  So I can live closer to the girlie.
  2.  I will once again be undamned--geographically, at least.   (Northerners who
       visit the South are Yankees; Northerners who come down and never leave
       are DAMN Yankees).
  1.  Dragons are way cooler school mascots than bulldogs.  Sorry, UGA!

In the end, we decided to take the job.  After all, how can you beat a dragon named Mario the Magnificent?  I mean, really??  Oh, and all that other art and culture and history stuff, too.

So now all we have to do is get a house, sell this one, and move everything 750-ish miles.  No big deal, right?

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