03 September 2013

Post-Labor Day Ponderings

Just in case you were wondering.  And yay, pancakes!


  1. I made pancakes for dinner last night :)

  2. Made me laugh as it is such a generational thing. My mom still freaks out when she sees me "break" these type of rules. I am way past the age of caring, but here she is still not wearing white after labor day. I will buy a purse that is black and brown so I don't hear about it "not matching" my shoes (which, most often are sneakers or sandals anyway! Yep, breakfast for dinner is my favorite!!

    1. I rarely wear white after Labor Day either, but that's only because I have almost no white clothing. Personally, I think it's in poor taste to coordinate one's clothing with one's pasty white skin. ;)

      Also? Breakfast for dinner is the BOMB!