31 December 2012

Goodbye, 2012

The dawn of a new year approaches, and it's time to say goodbye to the old.  As years go, 2012 was a pretty basic year with some ups and some downs and mostly a lot of average.  Still, as the old year passes, I'd like to tip my hat to it by recognizing ten of the more significant events which transpired during its course:

  1.  I lost a mother.  (God freed my 80 year-old-mother from her Parkinson's
       and dementia in April.)

  2.  I found a mother.  (I made contact with my birth mother a mere 47¾
       years after being given up for adoption.)

  3.  I lost 40 lbs.   (And by "lost," I mean "forcibly ejected from my person.")

  4.  I made new friends.  (Who are still willing to talk to me.)

  5.  I hung out with royalty.  (Which just means I'm cooler than you.)

  6.  I didn't break anything new.  (At least not on my body.)

  7.  I traveled.  A lot.  (I became a road warrior, and not just because I had to
       use public restrooms in 12 different states during my trips.)

  8.  Someone actually paid me to sing at a wedding.  (That'll teach 'em.)

  9.  I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  (Which contrarily
       won't let me use my very "period" real name for my persona, because it
       also happens to be the name of a historical royal person.  I can
       anachronistically sneak my iPhone to events and wear brassieres under my
       garb, but I can't anachronistically use my real, historically accurate name.
       Party poopers.  On the plus side, I've met a lot of cool people and can now
       do the Bayeux stitch, not fall over while attempting to bow [mostly], and
       can talk about watery tarts with swords and their viability in government
       all day long without people looking at me strangely or asking if I forgot to
       take my meds.  So I'm calling it a WIN.)

10.  Someone even let me write a guest post on her blog and didn't run away
       screaming in horror.  (You can read it here at the amazing Kristen's blog,
       Four Hens and a Rooster.)

So thanks, 2012, for the highs and even the lows, all of which serve to remind us that we are still alive and have the opportunity each and every day to do more, to be more and to help more.

As for the new year?  I'm ready for you, 2013--BRING IT.

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