01 July 2012

"We're Havin' a Heat Wave..."

The heatwave through the mid-US continues, as evidenced by my car's thermostat today.  If this continues, I'm gonna need to find my handbasket...

Where's the "Ice, Ice Baby" when you need it?

With an inferno of this summer's caliber, the following was only a matter of time:

Frosty's relatives killed in a senseless melting--film at eleven.
Keep cool and safe, everybody!


  1. It is brutal. I am in NYC and it was 98-100 degrees for 4 days in a row..That is hot for here and the subway platforms were brutal. I see it is coming our way again tomorrow...Stay cool and hydrated...

    1. Ouch! That sounds highly unpleasant! My kid is at the University of Rochester for the summer doing an internship, and she's staying in a non-air-conditioned dorm. Fortunately, I don't think the heat has gotten quite that bad up in Rochester yet. Good luck with the next heat onslaught--I hope you can stay cool and hydrated as well!